A Brief Note

I’m back. Yes, I have been gone for a while, but not without reason. My hiatus has been filled with self-discovery, searching, and some serious thinking. I’ve been yearning for clarity, in both my thoughts and actions. As Diana Vreeland asserted in the quote above, it is only when you’ve developed a sense of self and and a peaceful mind that you can focus on channeling that elegance in other areas of your life. So here’s to taking time for yourself–time to figure out who “yourself” really is. I have yet to reach the pinnacle of understanding or a complete sense of self, but I am coming to realize that I don’t think that is how it works. Life is like a wave–there are crests and falls, times when you’re surging ahead, times when you are just coasting, and times when you crash and retreat and feel like you’re not really even in the water anymore. It’s a process, a process that is constantly unfolding. And it’s scary–climbing mountains is dangerous. It’s cold, the blizzards cloud the view of the top. The caves beckon with their safe (and sometimes false) sense of warmth and protection. I’ve been in a cave for a while; they’re secure and sheltered. But they box you in and keep you stuck, and the only view is of the blizzard outside. I think life is about taking that step out into the blizzard. What I’m doing now is trying to find a warm coat to carry me through. (And while I’m at it, it doesn’t hurt if its a belted, puffy down coat with some faux fur fringing the hood, does it?)