Episode 01 | Nina @ Yiflow on Following Your Fire, Tuning In, & Releasing Ourselves from the Pressure to Perform

Today I’m joined by Nina of @Yiflow, a 26 year old Londoner with a background in music (she studied Music Business at Berklee College of Music) & corporate start up life. She is now assistant manager at Re:mind, a meditation, breathwork, & healing center in London. Nina shares her journey from music student to young professional in NYC to learning how to listen to her intuition in London. This conservation will be especially inspiring for anyone looking for advice on how to quell anxieties around needing to DO and perform in order to succeed, and for anyone feeling that the “hustle” sometimes takes the fire out of our true passions.

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In the episode, Nina mentions the book “The Multi Hyphen Method” by Emma Gannon.

Learn more about Nina’s friend Maria’s crystal Reiki healing practice @saraswatisuniversenow

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