Episode 05 | Ana Maria Conneely on The Mind-Body Connection

Today I’m talking with Ana Maria Conneely, a 32-year-old yoga teacher and massage therapist based in London. We talk about the importance of understanding the mind-body connection from a holistic perspective, and how tuning out our emotions can have a physical impact.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • the mind-body connection
  • honoring your body & your needs
  • how hardening ourselves to life can manifest as physical pain
  • life after reaching 30 — and the pressure to have it “all figured out” by then
  • the importance of TOUCH
  • how we can “slow down” while still getting things done
  • how seeking constant transformation can become a distraction
  • the plastic issue!

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Find Ana Maria at her website – AWayToLiveWell.com or on Instagram @awaytolivewell. You can also listen to her podcast, A Way to Live Well, on iTunes!

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