Episode 06 | Betsy Boggs on Rurality & Race in Education

This is a special episode because I am talking to one of my childhood besties, Betsy Boggs! Betsy just completed her Master's degree in Education, Culture, and Society from the University of Pennsylvania. She is pursuing doctoral study . in order to continue research on rural spaces and education reform. On this episode, Betsy and [...]

Episode 05 | Ana Maria Conneely on The Mind-Body Connection

Today I'm talking with Ana Maria Conneely, a 32-year-old yoga teacher and massage therapist based in London. We talk about the importance of understanding the mind-body connection from a holistic perspective, and how tuning out our emotions can have a physical impact. On this episode, we discuss: the mind-body connectionhonoring your body & your needshow [...]

Park Wine

I remember that patch of grass Where we sat on a weekend afternoon in July I made daisy chains and you taught me to juggle We drank red wine from plastic cups Life was infinite I was happy Genuinely You were in my tshirt I tucked a flower behind your ear The grass was so [...]

Why I Needed to Move Across an Ocean to Find Myself

Why I Needed to Move Across an Ocean to Find Myself

Last year, I moved across the Atlantic from small town South Carolina to London, England. I had just graduated from college and was bewildered at this wonderful adventure I had managed to stumble into — London has always kind of had a knack for finding me (but more on that later..). I get teary-eyed thinking about all I’ve managed [...]