Episode 09 | Sophie Miranda on Breakups, Bodies, & Doing the Work

Today I'm talking with my dear friend Sophie Miranda about the power of our thoughts, calming the mind and getting grounded, creating healthy boundaries, toxic relationships, breakups, and a multi-hyphenate career. EPISODE NOTES Some of the things Sophie and I cover in this episode: spirituality and what it means to usthe deep work required to [...]

Episode 08 | Chelsea Connors on Millennial Coaching, Transitions, & Handling Uncertainty

Today I am talking with Chelsea Connors, a millennial coach and therapist. Chelsea is a Certified Life Coach supporting twenty-somethings during the difficult transition to adulthood through individual and group coaching. She has a master’s degree in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and is registered as a National Certified Counselor (NCC). She is a Licensed [...]

Episode 07 | Khalil Jones on Entrepreneurship, Building Confidence, & Working w/ Family

This week I'm talking to 23-year-old Khalil Jones, an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. Khalil and his two brothers are identical triplets, and together they founded Triyo fitness, a fitness organization based in Philadelphia that helps clients lose fat, build muscle, and transform into the best versions of themselves. I met the Jones triplets while [...]

Episode 06 | Betsy Boggs on Rurality & Race in Education

This is a special episode because I am talking to one of my childhood besties, Betsy Boggs! Betsy just completed her Master's degree in Education, Culture, and Society from the University of Pennsylvania. She is pursuing doctoral study . in order to continue research on rural spaces and education reform. On this episode, Betsy and [...]

Episode 05 | Ana Maria Conneely on The Mind-Body Connection

Today I'm talking with Ana Maria Conneely, a 32-year-old yoga teacher and massage therapist based in London. We talk about the importance of understanding the mind-body connection from a holistic perspective, and how tuning out our emotions can have a physical impact. On this episode, we discuss: the mind-body connectionhonoring your body & your needshow [...]