The Good Stuff

Sun in Leo. Moon in Libra. Rising Capricorn.

I am strong-willed, driven, and passionate. From a young age I’ve known that I can truly accomplish anything I put my mind to — and if there is a true emotional connection there, plus an impact on something greater than myself, THAT is where the magic happens.

I’m a storyteller at heart, and I see the world through a narrative lens. I’m the cinematographer of my every day, framing my life experience in the context of the bigger picture as I go along. This helps me stay rooted and gifts me with a balanced perspective that fuels my skills in strategy and concept design.

My niche is in the both/and.

The in-between.

My biggest lessons in life so far have been about finding grace in the gray. I’ve learned that the juiciest unfolding happens in the pressure between the rock and the diamond, and wishing away that discomfort or ruminating on either polarity robs your life of meaning and true presence.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised in Clemson, South Carolina, I have always felt grounded in my Southern roots and a simultaneous pull to explore, wander, immerse myself in cultures & experiences wildly different from the known. I have a strong connection to my values and my family (one of four siblings, I share the middle..) and I feel most like myself when I’m out in nature.

I’ve found the juxtaposition of my small-town, barefoot in the grass childhood experience, with my young adulthood exploration in the Northeast and trials and triumphs in the Ivy League endlessly fascinating. I’m always questioning, seeking to understand both sides and the space in between. I have a knack for seeing right through to the humanity in each of us — being a bit of a nomad myself, I’m more interested in your heart than your post code or what boxes you tick on a form.

A whole new layer, a new lens to the Madeline kaleidoscope, was added when I began my journey abroad, to London and beyond. London has been an incubator for self-discovery. Not to mention that moving abroad straight out of college rapidly speeds up the confusion and the lessons of your early 20s, forcing you to figure out “adulting” verrrrry quickly. Living abroad felt like the adventure of a lifetime, and I’m excited to see how this period of tension and growth continues to fuel my personal awakening and expansion as I settle back into the U.S.

Life bends for the courageous.

I am realizing every day how every big decision I’ve made in my first couple of decades on this earth have been steeped in bravery and initiated by my heart, not my mind. It’s when the should/could/woulds jump in that I get a little bit shaky. My mission is to help others clear their life of the Should noise, the need to prove something, and to connect to something deeper, to their intuition, to the humans that are standing right next to them. I hope that everyone can find the courage to leap not for the landing, but for the experience through the air (a real good one from Brené Brown). It’s those leaps that have made me, and that have opened my eyes to possibilities and depths beyond my wildest dreams.